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Coastal Creations Bath & Body

Handmade bath & body care products

Foaming Facial Scrub

This luxurious facial scrub is a must for your beauty routine. With apricot seeds, orange peel and pumice, it not only gives a gentle exfoliating experience but paired with jojoba oil and essential oils it deep cleans and soothes the skin, leaving your skin soft and refreshed.

Foaming Facial Scrub

Micro-Exfoliant Cleansing Grains

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Coming Soon...

Our Cleansing Grains are a water-less cosmetic, which is now what people really want! They really work and do so many amazing things for your skin such as deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation. The additions of special extras such as flower and fruit or activated charcoal help to boost the benefits and specific needs for various skin types. They’re perfect for traveling, hiking and camping. 

We have these formulated for normal, oily or problematic and dry, sensitive or mature skin types. 

A small amount can be kept in your purse for gentle hand washing as well. Your skin will thank you!

Micro Exfoliating Gentle Cleansing Grains

Hydrating Face Cream

Image coming soon....

Coming Soon...

Hydrating Face Cream with Hydraulic Acid